Sajid Ali @ Rotte , Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)

Sajid Ali came to hear of Plustrust through Samvada and their Baduku college. He has been running an organisation called ‘Rotte’ for the social uplift of the downtrodden. The objectives of the organization are- working for the rights of workers, women and youth, job oriented training, guidance in placements, environmental oriented training.

He was keen to expand the activities, beginning with the slums of Gulbarga town. He was also anxious that he should be able to manage his own personal needs form the surplus that could he generated in this work. His idea was to provide job-oriented training to the youth and women in slums for a nominal fee. Some of the courses he wished to offer were in Basic skills in Computers, Internet usage, Accounting and Tally, Graphic design, Videography , Web design as well as soft skills and spoken English. Sajid himself was well trained to run these courses through Baduku Programmes, and could draw on friends as volunteers at least initially.

The difficult moment for him was to accept that he could not offer free courses to all the candidates. His discussions with his mentor proved useful and he set up his computer training centre with personal savings and a small bank loan. The response has been good and he has been able to balance the fee-paying candidates and the free-ship holders. His strength is his links with potential employers. He has been able to find jobs for those who enroll, so far. This has proved to be very important in establishing his credibility with the young people around.

Sajid keeps his original purpose in mind and strives to offer programmes that are well differentiated His candidates find in his centre a space to dialogue and discuss various issues. In the process their confidence levels and their leadership skills improve; this proves valuable for them on the job front.

Sajid declares that he is happy, contented and proud to be a fellow with the Plustrust. He can  earn a net surplus of Rs.200 to 300/ per day within a few month sof starting his centre. He provides training in computer basic education to many young who would otherwise not be able to access it. Currently he is training the youth in DTP also. To quote his words ,”My fellowship ended this month. But my life’s journey to success has just begun. I strongly wish that, our relationship should continue for a long time ahead.