What We Do

Plustrust works on themes that were close to Gowri Sukanya’s heart: 1. Inclusive Education 2. Animal Welfare. Our focus is on supporting young people with a desire to test out ideas for improving the lives of people around them. We do this through fellowships a the pre-incubation stage and through events from time to time.

We are taking up direct projects to find ways to improve implementation of the RTE Act especially through strengthening SMCs and improving Midday Meals. We are open to discuss all new ideas and themes that may arise from time to time.

We support projects taken up by young people on our Themes for Action.

Support will be through a close relationship with the project holder and include one or more of these aspects (as required):

  • Guidance to develop project idea
  • Initial support in starting off
  • Some financial support as seed capital
  • Organising further types of support when needed
  • Networking and contacts relevant for the project

The mentors, coaches for this work will be identified and briefed by Plustrust.

Our Well Wishers

  • Caring Friends , Mumbai

  • Sophia Akash Foundation, U K

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