Khewara Dainik Bhaskar March 25, 2017


Our Schools Our future

The film ‘Our Schools , Our future” was completed in September 2013. We shared it with those engaged in the education sector and interested in it. We find that there is growing interest in working with SDMCs. The film captured the good examples of SDMC work through video documenting by children in collaboration with Centre for Child and Law in Karnataka.

Video link

Our School Our Future by plustrust
A screening of the film was organised on the Plustrust day (May 7th 2014) at Bangalore.


Platform 8

A short documentary of the life of children on railway platforms and the work of NGOs on platforms. Plustrust encouraged and guided Ms Padma in developing and directing this documentary. A small grant was also offered. The film was mainly funded by Sathi Bangalore.

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