Collaborations & Projects


1.     Inclusive Education – Documenting the Anand Bharati Method

Ananda Bharati was started on the 25th of June  by the Late Mrs. Janaki Iyer and Smt Baghyalakshmi Suresh for working  girls between 5-15 years, who have been denied the access to schooling. It functions only in the afternoon. The hallmark of the school is the sustained practice  sensitive and of inclusive approaches in the class room.

Plustrust will be documenting key process in  Anand Bharati to make them available for wider replication.

2. Positive Education Programme

Centre for Development and Research(CDR) is an organization working for the development of the tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh since 1989. CDR works on community health, women’s empowerment and education of the tribal community. It now runs pre-schools in four districts in tribal dominated areas .

Plustrust will work closely with the CDR system on incorporating methods of positive education through workshops for teachers and teacher trainers.

3. Makkala Jagriti

 Makkala Jagriti (literally means – Awakening of Children) founded in 2003, is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that seeks to create a holistic learning environment for emotionally and economically deprived children. Makkala Jagriti’s, mission is to make a positive difference to a child’s quality of learning and development. Makkala Jagriti brings together a diverse group of people, committed to this shared purpose.

Plustrust’s work with Makkala Jagriti will involve working with the parents through the School Development and Management Committees (SDMCs) in the five government schools that Makkala Jagriti already works in. Plustrust will work towards better clarity of the roles and responsibilities of the SDMCs and also strengthening of the existing SDMCs

4. Gurukulam schools

The Gurukulam schools in AP have pioneered in providing good quality residential school education to children from Adivasi and tribal communities over the years. The Gurukulam Society is now exploring ways to reinvent itself in today’s context and the deeper understanding now available about education for such children from vulnerable and marginalized backgrounds.

Plustrust was invited by UNICEF and APTWREIS (Gurukulam) to conduct a self- assessment process of the schools to study the current functioning of hostels/residential schools in terms of the provisioning and quality of operations, human resources, to study perceptions of students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders on functioning and identify gaps and suggestions for changing the situation, to study the impact of such provisioning on educational experience and outcomes and to create an environment for critical reflection and organizational learning among the departments that manage these institutions.

5. Kilikili

Kilikili – which in Kannada means the warbling laughter of a child – is a registered Trust, formed by parents of children with special needs, driven by volunteers and supported by professionals, that aims to create inclusive play spaces that will be accessible to all children, regardless of their ability.

Plustrust has supported Kilikili with a staff to oversee the work in Coles park with respect to inclusive play. Now, Plustrust and Kilikili are in discussions to work more closely with parents and caregivers of children with autism. Plustrust is planning to conduct workshops through a popular community education tool called Theatre of the Oppressed.

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