Sajid Ali @ Rotte , Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)

Sajid Ali came to hear of Plustrust through Samvada and their Baduku college. He has been running an organisation called ‘Rotte’ for the social uplift of the downtrodden. The objectives of the organization are- working for the rights of workers, women and youth, job oriented training, guidance in placements, environmental oriented training. Continue Reading →

Manoj Singh Rathore @ Parivartan, Itarsi MadhyaPradesh

Manoj runs a small business in Itarsi town and his communication center is a hub for many young people. Manoj wished to work on Bird Conservation in Itarsi town. He noticed that many common birds like sparrows, pigeons, crows were fast disappearing. The decline in their population was very noticeable. The reasons were many -fewer trees, increasing heat, pollution, radiation, machine vibration and so on. He was keen to what could be done. Manoj had tried various things like a bird bath on his terrace and so on. Yet he knew that his lone efforts fell far short of the needs in summer. He was wondering how he could involve more people and do something tangible. Continue Reading →

Lewitt Somarajan @ Lifelab Pune

What we want to do is make learning fun for children studying in poor schools,” says Lewitt Somarajan . “It’s easy for private schools to invest in technologies that engage students, but low-income schools do not have that luxury”. These schools, says the engineer-turned-educationist, require a completely new kind of pedagogy. That’s where their brainchild “LIFE-Lab” (LIFE stands for Learning Is Fun and Experiential) comes in. Continue Reading →

Ashweetha Shetty @ BodhiTree Skills, Tirunelveli

Ashweetha grew up in a small village in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu – playing in the mud, throwing stones, stealing fruit and catching fish ! At 13, she  chanced upon the autobiography of Helen Keller, and a realisation dawned upon her – the power to transform life lies within oneself A good student , fascinated with teaching, she started a tuition centre for basic subjects. As the strength of the class grew, so did her confidence. Continue Reading →

Platform 8: A Documentary Film

October 2008 – September 2009: Directed by Ms.Padma Reddy.

“Any one who has seen Slumdog Millionaire should see this muted documentary, directed with sympathy and style by Ms Padma Reddy…” Dr Vithal Rajan in the Hindu on 26th June 2009.

Platform 8-a short documentary of the life of children on railway platforms and the work of NGOs on platform. Platform 8 captures the situation of runaway children who have made this platform in Secunderabd station their home. The stories are of children who choose to runaway and the efforts of those who are determined to protect them from the perils of their situation.

Children leave home for many reasons –the lures of city life, the opportunities to make a fast buck or the fear of significant elders like father, mother, brother, employers, guardians or teachers. While children of all ages are running away this tendency is seen most in adolescents. They often find their ways to railway stations and build their lives around them. They are continuously exposed to harsh environments. They are vulnerable to risks such as to inadequate nutrition, physical and sexual abuse, and health problems. They are not well anchored in appropriate relationships that shape childhood and those who have been on the platforms for a long time seem to have ‘hardened’ and lost their childhood. Continue Reading →